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This strategy gives you a large army of Microwave lynxes with advanced armor. The key researches in this strategy are:

- Heat Dissipation Systems - Upgrading the damage of your Microwave weapon's.
- Smelter Postprocessing - Giving you higher ore income from your common ore mines.
- Advanced Armouring Systems - Upgrading the armor on Lynx battle units.

Using this research order you will only have microwaves until you have done all of the research in this strategy. You will not be able to attack an opponent if they have an army of EMP's and RPG's, if you do attack you will most likely come out worse off than them, and lose the game. However if they tech up slowly and don't have many EMP's or RPG's, or they just go for microwave's mainly by the time you are ready to attack you should be able to overpower them. The advantage of using this strategy is that you will have a lot of microwaves and advanced armor. 


Building Order

Order Structure
1st University
2nd Vehicle Factory
3rd Advanced Lab
4th Common Ore Smelter
5th Common Ore Smelter
6th Tokamok
7th Vechicle Factory
8th Nursery
9th Robot Command Center
10th Agridome

You should build all theses structures one after another except from the Agridome, you only need to build that once you are getting low on food in storage. If your attack succeeds you wont need the Agridome at all.    

Research Order

Order Standard Lab Advanced Lab
1st Metalogeny
2nd Hypnopedia
3rd Focused Microwave Projection
4th Metals Reclamation
5th Recycler Postprocessing
6th Mobile Weapons Platform
7th Dissipating Adhesives High Temperature Superconductivity
8th Scout-class Drive Train Refit Independent Turret Power Systems
9th Advanced Vehicle Power Plant Heat Dissipation Systems
10th Rare Ore Processing
11th Enhanced Defensive Fortifications Smelter Postprocessing
12th Advanced Combat Chassis
13th Advanced Armouring Systems

When scientist training completes put the new scientists on the research (select the lab and click A and A to assign the new scientists to the research). You need to manage you scientists so that Enhanced Defensive Fortifications and Advanced Combat Chassis finish about the same time so you can get Advanced Armor without having to wait. Also idle your Structure Factory when it is not in use and put more scientist's on research.

Research List

Number Standard Lab Advanced Lab
1 Metalogeny Mobile Weapons Platform
2 Hypnopedia High Temperature Superconductivity
3 Focused Microwave Projection Independent Turret Power Systems
4 Metals Reclamation Heat Dissipation Systems
5 Recycler Postprocessing Rare Ore Processing
6 Dissipating Adhesives Smelter Postprocessing
7 Scout-class Drive Train Refit Advanced Combat Chassis
8 Advanced Vehicle Power Plant Advanced Armouring Systems
9 Enhanced Defensive Fortifications

Vehicle Building Order

Once your first Vehicle Factory is done build 2 Cargo Trucks, as each one is done move to towards your mine. You then save ore (2000) for the second Vehicle Factory, once this starts building at your Structure Factory and you have 800 ore you can get a 3rd Cargo Truck at your Vehicle Factory. You need to set 2 Cargo Trucks on each of your smelters. After the 3rd truck you should then wait for your Stickyfoam research (Dissipating Adhesives) to be complete, once done, build a Stickyfoam lynx. After that keep producing Microwave's and a few Stickyfoam's.

Order Vehicle 
1st Cargo Truck
2nd Cargo Truck
3rd (Wait for 2nd VF to start at SF) Cargo Truck
4th Lynx/Stickyfoam
5th Lynx/Microwave
6th Lynx/Microwave
7th Lynx/Microwave
8th Lynx/Stickyfoam
9th Just keep building Microwave's and extra Stickyfoam's if the ones you have die.



Research Justification
Metalogeny 1st This improves ore yield so it means that every truck load of ore you get has more ore in it. You get it first so that your first truck load has more ore than normal. All loads after will have more.
Hypnopedia 2nd  This decreases the time scientists take to train. This is 2nd important because you want to train your scientist as fast as possible.
Focused Microwave Projection 3rd This is required to open up Weapons Platform research
Metals Reclamation 4th  At this stage you have time to use the standard lab before the advanced lab is complete. You want to get best ore income the fastest and this is required for that. 
Recycler Postprocessing 5th  Required to open up Smelter Postprocessing research which gives you best ore income.
Mobile Weapons Platform 6th More important than power upgrade (High Temperature Superconductivity) because it opens up Dissipating Adhesives at standard lab.
Dissipating Adhesives & High Temperature Superconductivity 7th Stickyfoam lynx are required to stop early attacks and to hold ground. High Temperature is needed because of power shortage. 
Scout-class Drive Train Refit & Independent Turret Power Systems 8th To move out with your units you will want them to move faster. This also gives you more moveably of your units. The advanced lab research is required to carry on with the required research.
Advanced Vehicle Power Plant & Heat Dissipation Systems 9th You require the standard lab research to get Advanced Combat Chassis. You should get the Microwave research now if you doing any combat with your units, this will make sure your units are at full strength. It us likely if your battling that your enemy is geting this research also.
Rare Ore Processing 10th This is required research to progress.
Enhanced Defensive Fortifications & Smelter Postprocessing 11th Make sure you have as many scientists on Smelter Postprocessing as this is most important. Once this is done you can put more scientists  on Enhanced Defensive Fortifications and start Advanced Combat Chassis.
Advanced Combat Chassis 12th This and Enhanced Defensive Fortifications need to finish around the same time so your are not waiting for one of them to finish before you can move on. Manage your scientists between the researches. 
Advanced Armouring Systems 13th This is what you are waiting for before you can or should attack.


Buliding Justification
University 1st This is first so that you can train 10 scientists once it is complete. More scientists means you can research faster.
Vehicle Factory 2nd There is time to load this before the advanced lab is done. Its important to get this fast so that you can get more trucks before you start lynx production. 
Advanced Lab 3rd Once you have done the 4 researches in the Standard lab you need to start advanced research. To do this you need this build fast.
Common Ore Smelter 4th Next you need to get more income, to do this you add more smelters to your current mine. 
Common Ore Smelter 5th Once completed in the structure factory load this.
Tokamok 6th After Smelters are loaded you can get your power. 
Vehicle Factory 7th Now you have more income you can support more unit production.
Nursery 8th  Your important structures are now built so you now have the chance to get the colony/other structures. 
Robot Command Center 9th First chance to get this. All structures before are more important.


Vehicle  Justification
Cargo Truck 1st & 2nd You need more trucks for your new smelters. 
Cargo Truck 3rd After the first two trucks wait for your ore for 2nd VF, then get this truck.
Lynx/Stickyfoam 4th Stickyfoam more important than Microwave because you can take ground with it by holding back enemy units and stop them advancing. 
Lynx/Microwave 5-7th Now you can start producing you army of Microwave's. 
Lynx/Stickyfoam 8th Another Stickyfoam is useful to make sure enemy cant break through.
Lynx/Microwave Onwards This strategy is about lots of units so get them.